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Wood wool acoustic panel

Woodfiber is a specially treated wood wool panel. The natural beauty of fiber and texture provides an unparalleled simpatico visual impression. The panels fit into standard grid systems for easy installation. It decorates as well as provide a solution to reverberant noise levels for ceiling and walling applications

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The Woodfiber product is a real natural product. Wood wool is shaped and cemented without any use of glue or formaldehyde adhesives. Oppeo Woodfiber decorates as an acoustic product itself without additional absorption fleece attached. Standard nominal Size 20mm X 600mm 25mm X 600mm The fire retardant Woodfiber panel meets with B1 class fire rating, which makes it an ideal material for areas requiring high fire safety. The bonding agent can be grey or white portland cement or white magnesia cement, wood wool can be curved or straight optioanl.

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